Possible Hard drive problem?

My PC keeps crashing. It sounds like my hard drive is turning off as i seem to hear something that sounds like the hard drive spinning down then a minute later it will crash either if it is on idle doing nothing or when I attempt to open a program (though not EVERY time I open a program it will crash)

Temperature seems fine. (45c)

Hard drive check came up ok though it did crash once while doing it

Running I7 920 @3.3
3gb ram 1333 triple channel
windows drive is a samsung F1 1tb HDD
GTX295 graphics card

Anything else you want to know just ask me :)
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  1. Oh yes and windows 7 home
  2. Hard drive check... I take it you mean you ran chkdsk? You can try downloading utils from samsung's site too.

    It sounds like your drive may be having problems coming out of sleep mode. You can go into the windows power settings and tell it to never spin down the drives.

    Also, I thought I remember seeing reports of the F1 drive having problems and needing a firmware update. I could be wrong on this one though.
  3. Yeah i have already told it never to turn the hard drive off
  4. Also i have noticed when i lock my computer not log off it doesent seem to freeze?
  5. Have you tried disabling sleep & hibernate mode altogether? Just let it power down your monitor after 10 minutes or something. This could at least eliminate your board having issues with sleep and/or hibernation modes.

    Also, you didn't mention if you ran any other disk utilites like HDTach, HDTune, or Crystal Disk Info.
  6. Somehow this issue has fixed itself in the weirdest way. Used remote desktop to use the pc from a laptop and since then I have not had a single freeze when normally used no idea why no settings changed or anything at all done but thanks for the help. ill keep updated if it starts again
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