4850 or 9800 gtx+ for 3D work + Gaming

I'm upgrading my video card and think i've narrowed it to either a 4850 or 9800gtx+ based on cost and am trying to keep it around the 140 or less price point. I do 3d work and was wondering if one of these cards would be better than the other. I know neither is ideal and i should be looking at quadro/ fire cards, but don't have the money for one of them at this time. I'm just a casual gamer of TF2 and the occasional rpg.

I've got dual 1680x1050 monitors
asus p5w-dh deluxe mobo
antec 550w ps.

Also, since my mb is xfire capable would it be better for me to grab 2 of those 4850s for 86 bucks floating around lately? I'm just curious if my rig could handle it or if i'd actually see any advantages in what i do.

cards being considered:

Visiontek 4850
Saphire 4850
EVGA 9800 gtx+

Thanks for your input!
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  1. A gaming card is fine. Refer to this page for your needs:

    Workstation Graphics Cards and their Mainstream Equivalents Quadro

  2. The 9800GTX+ is a little faster than the 4850.
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