Low power, high endurance workstation

I am trying to spec out a workstation PC that is to be stored in a air tight container. Also the computer might receive some rough treatment. Basically this workstation will face a rather extreme environment.

The specs don't have to be stellar, however the computer would require quite a few expansion slots (PCI & PCI-X).

I'm having trouble specing something out.

For the CPU I was thinking either and undervolted e5300 or Amd Business class series cpu. Or maybe a mobile CPU would be better?

The cpu cooler is problematic since it should be completely fanless (or able to operate without a fan). This one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835118019 looks like it might do the trick but the hs weighs a ton so moving the rig would be problematic.

For the PSU I'm split over either one of these:




Power is not really an issue but heat emmission is. Being able to permarun without a fan is also a concern.

I'm not quite sure what motherboard or RAM to choose, I haven't really looked into it but these components should also be able to function in a closed environment with little to no airflow.

The computer will be using a SSD drive to decrease power draw and cooling requirements.

All in all it would be very nice if the worsktation could function with no moving parts (well maybe except the dvd rom but that will be turned off anyway)

Any help will be greatly apreciated.
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  1. is this going on to a boat?
  2. How big is this airtight container? You still need to remove heat from within then container. And if it's going to experience "rough treatment", you should get a low profile, lightweight cooler (like the stock one) to minimize stress on the motherboard. Your problem isn't going to be cooling the cpu. The problem is going to be removing that heat from the closed environment.
  3. Getting heat out will not be that much of a problem. The container will be pressurised with air moving out of the container. However electrical interference (think motors starting and stopping) and vibration are an issue.

    The computer will go in an explosion prroof enclosure and is to be used close to some rather heavy duty machinery.
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