Help with buying an External HDD!

Hello all, i need some serious help, i need a secondary external
hard drive which will be mirored (or manually copied) from my
existing EX HDD. What do i do with it:
I usuallly back up or use large files, in the GIGS up to 10-15
gigs a file sometimes. The HDD will not be just a BACK UP AND
SHUT OFF but a lot of times will be on for a whole day, reading
directly from it or sitting idle. I would love if it has both, USB
and sATA...what would the advantage of FW400-800 be over the
other? Since few of that have the FW option too. Basically it will
be an everyday use HDD which will not be moved around.
Other features i like would be HOT SWAPABLE and also if possible
easy access to the actual HDDs for exchange and stuff.
It has to be 2TB or around 2 TB. I would appreciate any ideas and
recomendations...around 200$ if possible.
Any of these recomended:
Thank You ALL!
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  1. Hello Mal, you just made me think, i always thought of Docks but how safe
    is a hard drive working like that non stop being all open on a DockingStation?
    Anyone working/using this way? If this works good i can actually pop 2 in there.

  2. I have a thermaltake Blac-X single drive dock and I have a drive that's been powered on almost continuously for 6 months now with no problem. Thermaltake also makes a two drive dock.
  3. Thanks guys...i will do some more research for that and thats what it would probably
    be, a Docking Station or and External Enclosure and build it my self. It still scares the
    hell outa me that it will be on for long time and also all
    Thanks...any word is apreciated.
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