4850 in CF @ PCI-E(2.0) x8 only

I have a M3A78-T board with a 9950 and one sapphire 1GB 4850 right now. I would like to up grade my graphics a little bit and am wondering if i go cross-fire style, would the x8 only PCI-E(2.0) link to 2 slots that my board supports be enough not to starve the 4850's for bandwidth?

On a side note I ran 3dmark06 on normal and got ~13300, then i taped my 4850 to manually limit to x8, and my score droped to ~13000. I would assume this means that the card uses only very little above x8 PCI-E(2.0) but i would like to make sure. If it is a problem i might either sell my card and get two 4830's or probably get a 4870/4890 instead.

Thank you very much for your time.
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  1. Since its pcie2.0 it should be fine because it doubles your bandwidth so its like having a pcie1.0 at x16.
  2. +1 invisik.
    300 points is about .2 FPS at a guess.
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