6950 as main gts 450 as physics?

I was told you can do this. is this possible? and how
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  1. Theoretically you can do this. You would have to install both cards and get your system to boot using the Radeon. Then use Nvidia's control software to set the GTS450 as a PhysX card. If you already have the cards I would give it a shot, otherwise I wouldn't really recommend it as the drivers from both companies will probably conflict and cause issues.

    There is however a company in Israel that is working on a chipset that would allow you to run Nvidia and AMD cards in tandem. I don't remember the name of the company but they showed off a working chip awhile ago.
  2. Yeah, it's possible, as teh_tourist says but if you want a good PhysX, you need a GTX275 or better.
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    The drivers won't cause any trouble. You just need modded or third party drivers since official Nvidia drivers disable physx when an ATI card is plugged into the system. Not because of driver limitation, they are just gay that way.

    Its like your BMW won't start just because you have a Mecedes in your driveway.
  4. Toms wrote this article a while ago it should give you the info you need,review-32051.html
    My opinion is if you don't already have the cards don't bother.
  5. Change of plan i will use a gtx 295 as a main and gts 450 as a physic how will this work with dx11 lol
  6. why a 400 series for physics? You could probably find a 200 series on the cheap right now to do the same job.
  7. I have a extra gts 450 right here
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