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i picked up a seagate barracuda ST3500418AS 500GB 7200 RPM hard drive. it start to fail after a week so i had to rma it. after a week i got the new one and its doing one click and sounds like it re-spins up. but i dont see any freezing, stalling, crashing as of yet. I was watching a movie (off the drive not a dvd of off the web) and only herd the sound. has anyone ever herd of this. read a ton of forums and never saw anything like this. would like to know so can return it quickly.
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  1. could be a bad batch, try returning and getting a different brand.
    One click is not unusual to hear when a drive starts spinning, but it should not re-occur during normal operation of the drive.
  2. House is right. If this is a start up click then yes it is generally normal, i do know that most of the newer HDDS seem to come with their ECO stickers for assured energy efficiency. This cause cause the drive to almost settle into a sleep mode when not active after a particular time, try making sure HDD sleep is off completely, the sleep mechanism mite be broken with in the drive. But yes for it to do this while operating does sound very odd.
  3. it dose on start up but about 20-30 min in sot a movie or transferring files it clicks like its spinning up after sleeping.
  4. sounds like you need to get another one. Better safe than losing all the data. Make a backup, then zero the drive (using something like killdisk) and return it. When getting a new one, try a different manufacturer. It could be a bad batch. Or, try a different reseller.
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