Corsair h50 water cooler and phenom 965 c2 60-63 celsius

I currently have a phenom 965 c2 processor c2 revision and a corsair h50 cooler. I am currently getting good idles, currently at 36 degrees Celsius :??: even web browsing typing this as we speak, could get better idles If I was truly Idling. My problem is when I run Prime95. I currently have the CPU multiplier at 18x (3.6 ghz) and the voltage at default 1.416. When running prime95 it will get between 60-63 degrees Celsius this is letting it go for about 10 minutes and seems to be stable at that temp even letting it go for about 45 minutes seems stable at this range. The ambient temperature is roughly room temperature and I currently have the fan on the radiator blowing out the air from the case, I figured it would be okay to do as such since I have plenty of airflow inside the case, 4 really big fans one 170mm, three 120mm fans (one fan being the exhaust on the radiator). I did use the spread method with arctic silver 5, I'm thinking of resetting the pump on the cpu using the pea-sized method what do you think?
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  1. Your temps are safe, but corsair does actually recommend running the fan sucking into the case as it gives the cpu(well the rad) air that is not heated by the rest of the system.

    If you have auto fan on, the system may be leaving the fan speed low for a quieter system.

    You can turn this off in the bios under the hardware monitor section.
  2. The temp is not okay, I think for two reasons one the max temp for this processor on the amd website is 62 degrees. Secondly when I first got the h50 the preapplied thermal compound the gray solid stuff, got my cpu to around 50 degrees in prime95 had to apply my own arctic silver five due to a broken motherboard.
  3. Well then, reapply AS5 with the blob method and make sure the rad is clean. Thats about all you can do.

    I guess AMD must not sell allot of cpu's overseas in area's of 35+ degree days since the stock cooler would never make it. That temp has to be something closer to tcase on the intel side.

    I also put a X4 955 into the 70's just so it was not so loud(the stock cooler is WAY to loud even at idle), never did any harm to it and the cpu did not power down or anything. One CM 212+ later and its quiet and cool.
  4. The H50 is not a"Top 20" scores about 5C below the better air coolers like the Venemous X-RT, Scythe Mugen 2 and Prolimatech Megahalems. It also restricts case air flow which may be impacting your "under load" temperatures.
  5. True I redid the heatsink, ran out of arctic silver 5, had to use my old thermaltake compound, i still idle around 38-39 but now i get to 59-60 under load at 3.6ghz. Those air coolers are cheaper but they are huge! Do you think one would fit inside my xigmatek utgard case its about 8 inches wide. Those air coolers ive seen are about 6 inches tall, I'm worried about there giant size, the xigmatek case is very accommodating, it was one of the best 60 dollar gaming cases out there, I'm just concerned about clearance.
  6. The Zalman CNPS10X flex is just shy of 6inches tall and fits in a Fractal R2. If you look at the R2 you will quickly see its the same case maker Xigmatek used for your case so you will be ok, just anything over 6 is just going to be pushing it.
  7. 1. Add fans in push/pull on the H50 rad.
    2. Use better TIM, remount the CPU block/pump.
    3. You might get 5-6C better this way, but you won't see dramatic results.

    Have you tried dropping your voltage to see if the OC is stable with lesser volts? You really might consider going that route to find stability at the lowest possible voltages.
  8. I put my H50 on my AMD PII 940 with the stock TIM and am running it at 3.6GHz it idles between 25-30c and hits max 47c after an hour. I set up the H50 as an intake per the recommendation and turned off the Quiet'n'Cool fan control so that it runs at 1600rpm all the time.

    I had the same 940 at only 3.2Ghz with a Scythe Ninja and it was idling at 40c... I'm happy I bought the H50.
  9. Well guys it turns out it was a semi-borken h50, I tried reapplying AS5 a few times to no avail. took back to best buy got a brand spankin' new one and now I'm oc'd on stock voltage to 3.7 ghz on a phenom II 965 running prime95 torture test for about an hour holding stable between 54-55 degrees which is suitable for me. Ambient temperature is around 75-77 degrees F. Wait till summer when things get a little hotter here in sunny california.
  10. Well good to see you got it working. I do not have an H50, but does the H50 let you keep an eye on the pump speeds?

    This may be something you will want to keep an eye on in case that was the issue.

    Just for a comparison
    955BE on 212+ with dual Antec fans. I'd say with one quieter fan you are doing good.

  11. try dual push pull gts but your temps arent that bad
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