Can i ask for some live assistance with an ssd purchase? 80 or 128 gb

looking for a fast one 80 or 128 gb, Crucial RealSSD C300 2.5" 128GB or a less expensive one

any one want to send me their adress, to add to chat?
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  1. What exactly do you want to know? The Sandforce controlled drives are the fastest right now. The C300, GSkill Phoenix Pro and OCZ Vertex 2. I recommend 120GB or more if you want to use the drive for Windows, Office and Games. Otherwise you are going to have to be careful with what goes on it so you do not fill it up.
    I have a 120GB Vertex 2 with Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Office 2007 and all the games I am playing right now and have about 31GB free.
  2. I answered your PM.

    Yes, but the C300, GSkill Phoenix Pro and OCZ Vertex 2 are all very close in perfromance.
  3. unless you want to go PCI-express......
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