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Hey guys I'm geting ready to upgrade the wifes old PC and could use some help with a cooler. Before anyone tells me I know this is a cheap case but it has worked fine for a OC xp 2600 for about 6 years. It will be gutted clear to the fans. Anyways heres what I will be using, need to what will fit and what you recomend. I think thats all you need if you need more info please ask. This is a budget build and I'm geting ready to order parts this week
Thanks for the help.
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  1. it's good good choice : but .. need
    - PSU 600W for New GPU i think good for single if u want cross fire use 750Watt
    - HSF After Market / ; Noctua NH14, Tunig Tower 120 Extreme, H70 Water Cooler .. or Hyper 212 cheap cost
    - Maybe CPU
    system will best performance if Balance system (no bottleneck)
  2. Hi 6pak... I dont know why you want the XION case but its your choice... i would still recommend an excellent case for the same price or less in Thermaltake V3... its for $45 + $3 shipping in newegg... i can vouch for the case personally its excellent and the best value for money you can get...

    as for a cpu cooler on a budget you cant beat the hyper 212+ for $30...
  3. Hyper 212 will fit? Only reason im using the case is I cant afford a new one. Im already getting a antec 650 PS. Wanted to use the 550 antec im using in it now but as stated above its atleast 5 years old. And I dont build untill its absoulutely a must. CPU im getting is AMD 955 and Ill OC to atleast 3.4 using the multiplier, Just wanna make sure I keep it cool for the next 4 or 5 years lol
    Just need something that will fit in the case is cheap and works good. And thanks for the help Ill check the 212 now
  4. Oh... i recommended the new case for i though you were gonna buy that Xion case... for the hyper 212+ to fit the case must be atleast 185mm in width without side fan above the cooler... with the side fan then add around 25mm...
  5. and don't forget buy Thermal Paste... As5 it's good
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