The best of two systems


I wanted to know which of those two systems is a better deal. I understand some of computers to reply some commentaries.

Yes, I did the list as close as possible to each other, since my doubt is on the processor, not on the other hardware.
The video card will go on SLI, but Newegg doesn't have it on stock, so I went to

Please, if you're going to advise me, give me a good reason, don't just go "i7 FTW!!1!", OK?

Thanks, people.
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  1. The i7 is better all around, be it gaming, video editing, or whatever so if you can afford that then get it. It also has an upgrade path, LGA 775 is a dead end if you start out with a Q9650.

    A few adjustments though:
    The cooler you picked isn't very good, these are better for less money:
    or for a little more money:

    That GPU you picked is overpriced. If you want to get a good factory overclocked 260, then get this one:
    But since you were prepared to pay $600 for GPU's, take a look at getting two of either of these GPU's instead:

    Better PSU, and cheaper:

    The 500gb HDD's you picked will be slower than the 640gb model, which is only $5 more, which is worth the speed and capacity boost IMO:
  2. Thank you for your reply.

    Well, I know the GPU I chose is kinda overpriced, but I was trying to see if I can buy a GTX 275 with 1792MB.

    I did not want to OC anything, as long as the price stays good.

    The 500GB I chose was for the system, so it didn't need to be big as a 640, but speed is my biggest concern.

    Thanks you again.
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