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I have a friends IDE HDD that need files off it asap. The mobo in their pc failed but in the mean time they need to access files.

I used an enclosure to access most of the files needed. This was in the directory of my documents/user then a folder. These files needed me to change the permission of the files, then they were accessible.

In that directory, the folder desktop has files they need also. When I open this folder, I can see the files but have not got permission to view, edit or copy the files.

Is there anyway I will be able to get these files off the HDD?

I only have a laptop at the moment so I can not put the HDD into a working pc. The laptop is running windows 7 and the hdd came out of a computer running xp.

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  1. You might find it difficult getting an answer to your question here, since we can't verify your ownership or authority to access those files.
  2. Oh ok, sorry didn't even think of it like that. I am sure if someone was doing it with a bad intention, they would probably know how to do it anyway.

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