Desktops not connecting. All my laptops do.

I’ve had this problem for several months now.

The problem first started when I purchased a used IBM desktop and introduced it to my network.

The internet connection didn’t work. I tried new cables. Didn’t work. I installed a PCI NIC. Didn’t work. Tried directly connecting to the modem. Didn’t work. Tried troubleshooting with Microsoft documents. Didn’t work.

I take it to a friend’s house and IT WORKS. NO PROBLEMS.

That computer ran Windows XP Home. I obtained a new computer for a brief period of time and installed Windows XP Pro on it. It had the same problems – that spanned hardware and operating systems.

My cable provider refreshes the IP address daily, so it’s unlikely it’s a service problem.

I switched out the cable modem with a newer model. Same problems.

I’ve tried manually setting the negotiation speeds. Same problems.

I’ve tried the Open DNS solution (further eliminating the possibility of a service problem).

Now… the laptops work wirelessly and directly connected! Windows XP, Windows Vista, and OS X!

As for the actual error messages I’m getting:
- Network Cable Unplugged when directly connected to the modem
- Constant state of reconnecting when behind the router
- Occasionally, I receive some information: about 5% of a simple website loads. Then the connection fails again. This happens once in a blue moon.

I was an IT guy. I know a little bit about computers. I’ve never had this problem and I’ve never heard of something like it.
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  1. uhmm the network conectiones are ipv4 or ipv6....look if your IBM computer has selecte this options and them don't have ip static...if you can't find the problem, contac to IBM support...
  2. The IBM is well out of hardware warranty, and I'm sure this behemoth custom-made computer is IPV6.

    I can't find IPV4 or IPV6 connection information.

    I'm really stumped on this one. Moved the network hardware and computers to different rooms. Not a repeater or strength of connection problem.

    And it's not the router.

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