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hey guys

i seem to be having issues with my wireless router lately. the issue seem to be that on any computer i have that uses wi-fi it is able to see my router but is not able to connect to it and the only way to solve it is to reset the router. i have tried changing the channel on the wireless on my router multiple times but still have this issue. all i can think of is that one of the computers i have that was wired was just changed over to use wi-fi. if anyone has any suggestions i would appreciate them. my info is below.

my router is a Belkin F5D7230
i have a PC and a PS3 wired to the router and i have 2 laptops, one desktop PC, and a nintendo Wii connecting to it wireless
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  1. Your post is slightly confusing -- are any of the computers or Nintendo actually connecting wirelessly or is it just new computers that you try to add to the system that can't connect ?

    If nothing is connecting, the wireless section of the router may be on the way out.

    If only existing computers connect wirelessly, check that Access List (include or exclude by MAC ID) is not enabled check that Wireless is in Mixed Mode (Wireless B, G -- and N if available)
  2. sorry just too much going on.

    i am thinking now it just might be down to finding the right channel i just switched the channel yesterday and now it will just lose the wifi once a day now but the router is like 3 years old. i had this problem before but by fining the right channel that time i was never had to reset the router at all. but now it started again and the only change i made is having another computer use wifi. i do not have the router setup

    also i am not using mac filtering, mixed mode enabled, and using WPA/WPA2 encryption.

    i hope i have made everything a little more clear.

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    Choose a channel which gives the best signal level (tho it's only a rough guide). The different channels represent different frequencies and these work better or worse depending on environs.

    If you can detect neighbouring wifi networks, choose a channel 5 stops from the strongest (if that clashes with the above advice, you'll just have to test and see which works best).

    You don't need any software to set up the router -- just have a look at the literature which came with it or download the maker's manual for it for how to do it.
  4. yea seems that way.

    my router says it uses 2.4ghz so would that mean all the channels will be in the 2.4ghz band?
  5. It's wireless G -- 2.4ghz that's the band -- the channels represent increments (small differences in frequency) within that band. That's why the channels work differently in different environments.

    For example -- in my place Channel 1 is weak -- Channel 11 is occupied by a shop nearby. I had a problem with the girls next door over channel 6 and they kindly agreed to move to another channel.
  6. thanks for the info. i think i am just going to get a new router now anyway. i keep switching channels but keep losing connection with wifi no matter what channel i am on and the router is in a basement so and i am not seeing any other wireless networks with a computer down there. the router is 3 years old anyway so i think its going bad

    thanks again
  7. "the router is in a basement"

    Okay, that's why you are having problems.

    On other floors, much of wireless signal goes out the window and reaches computers that are near windows.
  8. yes but the computers upstair always have a full signal and see the router but are never able to connect to it. plus i have the same problem when my laptop is in the same room as the router
  9. If possible, don't put the new router in the basement.
  10. unfortunately not possible. they have my main DSL connection in the basement and already using a long phone cable from the jack to the router. i'm stuck. oh well i went 2 and a half years with no resets hopefully it will be that way again someday
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