Gigabyte 790XT-UD4P install IDE HD

I just build a new system with Gigabyte 790XT-UD4P and I used an old IDE 80 GB hard disk as C: drive for Win XP installation.
After WinXP had been installed, went to Windows Explorer tried to open my another internal SATA harddisk but got an error that this D: drive was not formatted.

How come it can see my SATA harddisk?
I remembered I had installed both SB750 SATA and Gigabyte SATA 2 controller during the XP installation.
Any idea?

I also tried to open the external USB connected SATA harddisk with NO problem, ie. Windows Explorer can see the external SATA harddisk.
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  1. Did you format the ide with fat 32, ntfs or what. What's on the ? another internal sata with the error? What was another sata doing plugged in during the xp install and what is on it. Was it added afterwards. How was the sata drive used previosly, as a Sata Ide, achi, raid. It could be MS user control or it could be Fat32 trying to look at NTFS. If the old Ide and internal sata are both ntfs then I would suspect possibly another operating system? on sata or controller interface is not set in idemode.
  2. Hi,

    These were what I did again:
    1) I reinstalled XP in a SATA HD (format as NTFS during installation)
    2) Then turned off the pc
    3) Plugin my second SATA HD
    4) My second SATA HD was formatted as NTFS in my old system
    5) This second SATA HD was working in my old system as primary drive (XP SP2), ie boot drive. (This HD contains XP system files)
    6) In the BIOS, Integrated Peripherals:
    OnChip SATA Controller - Enabled
    OnChip SATA Type - Native IDE
    Onboard GSATA-II Ctrl - Disabled

    SATA-0 connected to C drive
    SATA-1 connected to second SATA HD

    Open Windows Explorer and access the second SATA HD got the same error:
    The disk is not formatted.
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