OC'ing p5qld pro

Can anyone help me with this?
I have a E5300 socket 775 CPU and i want to know if i can push it to 3.4Ghz or more on a P5QLD PRO
I have 4GB OCZ Reaper 1066 and a NVidia GT220

Greetz BansheeNo1
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  1. That would depend on your cooling and how well the mobo overcklocks...
    Although if things go right, I would bet on it being possible... maybe even a little higher...
  2. Cooling should be ok.
    Got a Coolermaster Hyper TX3 on it
  3. hi,..
    Set AI overclocker Tuner to manual then
    For 3.6ghz : FSB=333, FSB strap to borthbridge=333, Cpu volt=1.3, Northbridge volt=1.2v, Dram freq=Auto or less than 800mhz (dependon RAM )

    your master guide OC :

    or watch :

    different system get different Score & Stability
    good luck
  4. ^ exactly...different systems also require different voltages...I ran one cpu on a lower voltage than a second cpu (same cpus) in another system...
    Just overclock your system in small increments using the fsb...when it starts loosing stability up the voltage also in smal increaments...maybe like .025 increaments if not less...and lower the freaquency or speed of your ram so it's as close to it's designed speed as possible...each system is different when it comes to overclocking...so it all takes time and trial and error sometimes...lol...
  5. Does anyone have some settings for this board with a E5300 cpu?
  6. BansheeNo1, what are your ram timings and voltages? when ocing you might have to pick up ram voltage...and might have to pick up the northbridge voltage as well...
  7. I only increased the FSB settings and left the rest at auto.
    My cpu speed is now 3,4Ghz.
    What makes it an 30% overclock
    here some cpu-z stats
  8. is it stable? if it is then it's good...but if you left everything on auto I'm wondering if you put the ram speed back down to stock using the ram divider multiplier...
  9. It's stable indeed.
    Ram speed is now almost what it has to be
    I got 4Gb OCZ Reaper 1066.
    At stock speed on mobo it says 800Mhz.
    now it''s running at 1046Mhz
    W7 is a pain in the ass with oc :??:
    If i change settings w7 won''t boot so thats why i left everything except fsb on auto
  10. hmmm I see...well that's nice that it's stable... ;)
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