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I just bought a Antec 1200 case. It is in upgrade from my Antec 900. I know that my PSU, (BFG 650 watt) cables will not reach in my new 1200. They barely reach in the 900 Can anyone suggest a PSU with cables that are long enough for the 1200.

I was looking at the Corsair 850 watt, yes trying to future proof abit.
Here's the info.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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  1. Yes that PSU is nice, I'm not sure about cable length though. You might want to check out Thermaltake's PSU they have ones with really long cables.
  2. does cpu reviews, most include cable length.
  3. Well, the description for the corsair does state it has extra long cables.
    You might get by with a 750W corsair, it'll easily handle 4870s in crossfire, at least.
  4. Thanks, AKM880, croc, and irkjab. Suggestions were great will look into all that you have said. @irkjab, when I bought the BFG 650 watt thought that was plenty of power. Little did I know they were going to come out with GPU's that needed more then a PCI-E 4 pin connection. Now most need 6 pin and up. The case and the PSU are just the first steps into my new build. Still want to add a i7 920 or higher. Thats another reason for the higer wattage. Thanks to all again. If anyone else wants to suggest, your more then welcome. The more info the better.
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