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So on newegg im seeing that recertifed 300gb drives are $110, and im thinking of puting one in as my boot drive and keeping my 1tb for other stuff, but im thinking it may be just as smart to get a 60gb SSD thats SATA III (my board has 2 SIII ports), but im not sure based on prices.
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    The SSD is the way to go. The raptors are fast, their access time is what makes them fast. An SSD's access time is 10 times faster.
  2. Whether you'd notice the Raptor was installed . . . not sure.

    But you will know it when a good SSD is installed.
  3. Im bout to purchase a Crucial Sata III 60gb, Iv been reading up and it seems to be the optimal OS disk.

    Thanks for the response fellers!
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