Asus HD 3450 vs HIS Digital HD 3650

System Specs:


Intel 478 P4


Bluray Drive

2.66Ghz CPU speed (single i think) 533Mhz FSB NO HT

This is only one of my computers, please I do not have enough money for a new computer lol. Thats not a choice. :lol: :bounce: :p
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  1. Sorry, I don't know how the blank spaces got there lol.
  2. Obviously the 3650...Well if you can add 1GB will notice a lot of difference...
  3. Ok thanks, what about htat Diamond XS71 sound card, do you think its a good upgrade? It has 24-bit 7.1 channel and EAX2.0, with coaxial SPDIF out, will this be good for blurays? Heres the link
  4. afaik if you dont get a 4670 (or 9800 GT) you wont be able to play blu-ray decently
  5. 4670 or 9600gt you mean

    didn't know you could get 3450 agp cards.

    a 3650 will be the lowest for blu-ray, a 3450 the lowest for HD content.
  6. Thanks everyone for the help! I have purchased that HD 3650.
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