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How to clean install WinXP if it got corrupted in previous install

SO here is my problem.
My friend's laptop which is DEll is running slowly,maybe it's because of viruses in it.I reformat it using a USB because the laptop had no cd-rom to put my Windows XP OS CD.Accidentally,i didn't knew her laptop was already empty battery which caused it to shut down.And now,I found an external DVD writer in my dad's things.I used it to install the Windows XP OS again.But things didn't run smoothly.While trying to install,it gives me two choices on which to apply the installation.the one was my Windows XP(with viruses in it) and another WinXP(the one which was not finished).I tried to boot the XP(with viruses in it),sadly the files in there were already deleted I can't use it anymore.Got no choice,so I switched to the WinXP(the one which was not finished) and tried to continue the installation.But it already tells that it cannot copy the file'm now afraid in how to fix this.I made a promise to fix it.Anybody help me?

(i searched in the internet already and all of them says "go to control panel",i can't go to the control panel because i got no OS to boot at. )

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    During the installation process you are given the option to create and delete partitions. Delete the partition with the failed windows install on it and recreate it, then tell windows to install to that partition.
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