Usb midi cable driver issues

I bought a usb midi cable from ebay which is identical to this one:

now i've connected it to my pc in the past which runs Windows XP Pro and had no issues with it installing the generic drivers because it states that it doesnt need them. Now after 6 months of not using it, when I connect it to the same computer, it says that it cannot find drivers for it, I've searched all over the net for help but I always seem to come across issues that have never occured in the world. right now it sits in my device manager with the name 'USB midi cable' but cnnot find its drivers.

what i've done to troubleshoot it is I've connected it to a laptop and another pc which both run windows vista and they both load the generic drivers the moment I connect it. I have looked on the companies website and emailed them asking for them to send me drivers, but they simply stated that the issue is something else and sent me some crummy sound driver stuff to try and install, which did nothing.

I am in a semi desperate position because i'm needing to do some tests on my computer, and i cannot move onto the vista computers.

thanks in advance
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  1. Can you try uninstalling the drivers first, then installing the newest version you can find?
  2. the issue is that it cannot discover any drivers to install in the first place. I have also tried uninstalling all the usb hubs and reinstalled them to no avail. I am very confused.
  3. I just had the same issue with Windows 7. I unplugged the USB cable from my hub and put it directly to the computer. This seemed to work.
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