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ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 used to be fun to overclock till BIOS update 1108. After that, I can only overclock the CPU or the RAM - not both. I reverted back to 1003 BIOS but still doesn't overclock worth a darn. Any help appreciated. i7 920 D0 OCZ3G1600LV6GK or Kingston Hyper-X KHX1800C9D3T
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  1. Might be your ram! idk maybe it got ruined or something...test the stability of it first...I really wouldn't know what to say though as I have never encountered an issue like that...
    The only thing I would guess is something got broken allong the way...mobo, ram...idk you need a way to test what exactly is broken...
  2. OCZ is brand new as fo this past Monday - I'll find a way ;-)
  3. - Clear Cmos
    - test your RAM use Software Memtes86+ (maybe have error)

    check slot RAM your Mobo maybe need clean .
    or broken .... try your ram in another slot ram use 1 only just check normal or not
  4. think I found it - PCI "add in" card for extra SATA ports. Testing now
  5. Nope, that's not it
  6. Tested RAM, all OK. Re-applied thermal paste...Still bluescreening.
  7. post your blue sreenning
  8. seem wrong Bios update & this guide maybe can fix your problem :
  9. hey, you should try flashing your bios again...and reset your mos to be sure nothing is screwing you up...try ocing again...i small increments, when it starts going unstable add voltage to the parts of need...like cpu, ram, qpi...

    Really wish I could be there to see for myself and try different thing on it myself...it's way easier to find out what's wrong if you're there...
  10. I turned the RAM down to 1403Mhz and turned the CPU up to 3.5Ghz.
    Just wish I could have the "full RAM speed".
    But I am running CAS 8 RAM.
  11. cas8 is not bad...what is stock on your ram?
  12. 8-8-8-24 (hope that is what you are asking)
    I read somewhere that "stock" means what the BIOS will read it as on auto?
    If so, can't seem to find that info on OCZ.
    OCZ3G1600LV6GK is the part# running 6Gb
  13. no, bios doesn't always read it right so it's correct to find it on the manufacturers website or something...
    those are the correct stock ratings though...checked here
    and here
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