Anyone else have a ga-x48-ds5 burn up on them?

In early August I installed a ga-x48-ds5 in my system around the same time that my home hvac system started leaking freon. I had an odd smell but I attributed it to the ac and not the mb. Well things came to a head the other day when my case started emitting a terrible electrical odor. When I opened the case I noticed that the power led and power phase led's were no longer working along with the fact that my system was no longer acting properly. Well I've already contacted gigabyte and applied for an rma and reinstalled my asus striker II formula mb back in along with another clean install, yay retail software lol. I was just wondering if anybody else with this mb has experienced anything like this. This was my first gigabyte mb and so far I'm not impressed especially with a death less than two months after its install. It was running stock with no ocing with the bios set to auto for everything except the ram which required manual input for its settings.
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  1. I have had that same board, heavily overclocked, with a 9550 and 8Gb 1066 G.Skill F2-8500CL5D @ 1080, running since December of last year, pretty much 24/7, with nary a serious problem:

    With four Velociraptors in two RAID0 pairs for systems and swaps, it's fast enough to be the next best thing to telepathy! (Though I'm already drooling in anticipation of an i7 with four SSDs...) As most quality control these days is based on statistical inference, rather that 100% testing, it is always possible to get a bad component (and, it's entirely possible that some other component, such as the PSU, failed, 'taking the MOBO with it'), but GB has an excellent reputation for well engineered and executed designs; their major failing (and they share this with nearly every manufacturer) is incoherent tech support, which the folks here and at TweakTown try to alleviate, to the degree possible without access to actual GB design documentation...
  2. Well I suppose I got a fluke and when they ship me a new mb I'll put it back in and hope it does better than the first one.
  3. Well its on its way back for repair now so hopefully the next one will be a good one.
  4. What are you running for fans to move the air thru the case? Oh and what processor are you using?

    Bilbat, nice pictures but shameless self-promotion. I take it the system is running the quad-monitor displays?
  5. Well I have a xclio windtunnel case with two 250mm fans blowing down on the mb, a 120mm blowing in the front, a 120mm blowing out the back and a 360mm on the door behind the mb mounting plane blowing out. My cpu is a q9550 under an ultra chilltek hsg with corsair hsx memory. It was being fed by an enermax galaxy 850w ps. Hopefully this next time a round things wll go better.
  6. Sounds like you've got enough cooling for a small nuclear reactor! Had to be a short somewhere, somehow - and, as I say, a random manufacturing defect here and there is considered tolerable to reduce the overall QC cost... By any chance, do you route your cables under the MOBO? There isn't much on a MOBO that has 'clipped' leads beneath anymore, but all it take is one little puncture...
  7. No I don't route underneath the mb and the smell was coming from under the heat pipe near the chokes and pwm. I'm pretty sure it was a manufacturing defect and I'm glad that it happened early on instead of waiting for the warranty to run out and then croak.
  8. I hear that! I used to tell people that the reason a board that's warranted for two years costs more than one warranted for one year, is that it costs more to make the timer that runs for two years and two days, before the thing craps out, than the timer that runs for one year and two days!
  9. Gigabytes US rma status system blows big chunks and will not return any useful information when I enter my information into it.
  10. Well after reinstalling the mb into my system I have discovered that gigabyte didn't do a damned thing to it and the same problems exist. It corrupted my hd the other day plus ihca mode no longer works and it cannot see the hd's if I enable it. I'm very disappointed with gigabyte over this problem and will never buy another one.
  11. If you have problems after receiving an RMA'd MOBO back, the actual source of the problems lie elsewhere; you get an RMA, a repair, or, for that matter, a refurb, modern automated test procedures pretty much guarantee it's good, as every single board function is tested thoroughly. You can get a bad board to begin with, as QC costs are calculated by statistical inference - they 'accept' a certain number of defects per ten thousand to avoid the cost (time is money, especially in any automated process...) of 100% testing - but - once it's 'been on the rack' - it's good! I can't tell you how many times I've seen people here return a board, get a different one back (new serial number), have the same problem, RAM again, still have the same problem - and then finally 'dig in' and locate the problem with their RAM setup, a USB device, or whatever... All this does is drive up the prices, both 'in the channel', and at the manufacturing end - for everyone else, as the RMA handling and testing costs have to be covered.

    List complete, thorough specs, symptomology, and I'll try to help you find the underlying problem...
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