What is THE best i7 heatsink?

Well? haha
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  1. IFX-14 with two high rpm 140mm fans or water cooling.
  2. I had a water cooling system build up but I was talked into it. Think it's worth it?
    Here's what I had:

    Waterblock CPU- MC-TDX for Intel I7/Nehalem/1366

    (Might get) Waterblock GPU- DD-GTX285

    Pump- Eheim 1260 - Previously the 1060

    Tubing- 1/2" Clear UV Blue DD-TFC Tubing

    Radiator- Black Ice GTX480

    Shroud- 2x Shroud for Double Heater Core

    Water Block Backplate- i7/1366/Nehalem Back Plate

    Liquid- PC Tonic Advanced Cooling Fluid- UV Transparent Blue

    Reservoir- Danger Den Round (Cylindrical) Reservoir
  3. are you trying to overclock to 4.0 ?

    If so check out the Noctua se1366

    it's the best for air
  4. Ya, the active air HSF now a days are pretty good. I'm not nearly knowledgeable about water cooling so maybe this might be a bias opipion. But here's my logic on water cooling vs air cooling. Water cooling first and formost is very expensive. The parts listed above are $200+. I can get a top of the line air HSF for ~$80. Yes there would be a preformance in cooling with a water block but it might not be as much as you'd think. Another thing is that water blocks can leak. and if they leak...well you know what happens when elecrtical parts take a dip in water. With air you don't have to really worry about it.

    The only reason why i'd say go for a water block is if your doing it for cosmedic reasons. You want your case and stuff to look cool. For me this isn't a big concern but for many people that come here it is, so i understand if that's the case. Girls love it when you can tell them you've got a big block.

    If your going for world class overclocks then i'd be looking into phase cooling and not water cooling.

    Here are some very impressive air HSF that i'd recommend, and save yourself at least $150.
    Noctua se1366 - One noted above
    coolmaster v8
    coolmaster v10 - this is overkill
    Dark Knight - will also need to get the back plate for this.
    TRUE - Will also need a backplate with this guy as well.
  5. thats why I suggested the IFX-14, it's currently the best heatsink that money can buy.
  6. (I like my v8 :P )
  7. If the V10 is overkill....

    what the hell are people going to think when the V12 comes out.
  8. Reading a review a few weeks back when the v10 came out they asked the coolmaster rep what about the v12 and his answer basically decyphered as this is nothing more than a concept heatsink and won't be going into production. So i wouldn't hold my breath when talkign about the v12.

    But ya, the v12...wow its that big.
  9. I wish it did come out, might just beat the ifx but more importantly how much does it weigh? if it weighs more than the copper true then you won't be able to use it on an upright pc.
  10. I don't care about cosmetics and I think the water cooling was between $500-$700 after I was all said and done with it; however, it was a top of the line water cooling system.

    I found this article on the IFX. Has anyone else experienced this?

    And the best fans are the sythe right?

    I mean I'll probably only OC to 3.6GHz for now because the performance margin is slim from 3.6 to 4.0 especially when considering the energy consumption.

    However, I would like in the future to be able to bump it up once applications take better use of the architecture and cores.
  11. Go with the mugen 2, it's cheap and it will easily do 3.6ghz

    If you care about silent fans I would get the Noctua
  12. I don't care about price, like I said I'm coming from $500-$700 WCing to just air. So I want something quality. The cooler the processor stays, the longer it will last. I don't want somethng that will just do.
  13. http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=productview&products_id=24&lng=en

    Amazing performer and lowest temperatures. Even beats the Thermalight true 120
  14. yeah but by how much, the ifx beats the true by 2c with one medium cfm fan, if you put two 100cfm 140mm fans on there then you'd probably be getting 5 or 6c below the noctua.
  15. So if I got the IFX, do I need any mounting brackets or anything? Or does everything I need to mount it securely, come with it?
  16. yeah I think you need a bolt through kit for i7.
  17. just to chuck another noctua in - c12p


    only slight issue is you need to email noctua and they will send you the 1366 mounting bracket for free...

    have it on my c2d, installations pretty straightforward, nice and quiet and keeps my 8600 nice and cool.

    c12p page on noctua - http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=productview&products_id=18&lng=en
    mounting kit with instructions - http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=productview&products_id=23&lng=en
  18. Noone has mentioned the ...

    Vigor Monsoon III LT Dual 120mm Fan CPU Cooler Socket 1366 Ready

    ... yet. Great cooler. Oc'ed i7 920 (3.6-4.0) and never breaks 56 celsius after hours of gaming (CoD5, LOTRO, CWH, GRID, FF3, etc). AS5 for my thermal grease.
  19. A nice little round up of 6 air-coolers at Legit Reviews


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