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I am trying to find the best "small" case cooler to Overclock my I5-750 to 4GHZ. I have a "relatively" small Antec 300 Case. I am able to get 3.5 GHZ with my current cooler a Thermaltake Silent..Top end temp around 75 C..a little high..Anyone have any suggestions for a "small" case cooler that would either A..keep my base temp down at my current settings or allow me to overclock a little further while keeping under 80...any assistance is appreciated..
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  1. how much money are you wanting to spend
  2. the antec is 205mm in width... the hyper 212+ should fit there easily and its probably the best you can get for around $30 for your cpu...
  3. The Antec 300 is wide enough for any cooler that I know of.
    The best would probably be the prolimatech megahalems rev b.
    But, your current cooler is decent, and I would not expect any magical increase.
    Here are some things to check:
    1) Is your cooler mounted well? Are all the mounting pins completely through the motherboard and locked?
    2) Did you use too much thermal paste? It will act as an insulator if there is too much.
    3) Can you add some intake fans to the case to increase the airflow?
    4) What kind of cooling does your graphics card have? A double slot direct exhaust cooler is best because it sends the hot vga air directly out the back. Other coolers recirculate the hot air, increasing both the vga AND the cpu temperatures.
    5) 3.5 is not a bad OC. Some samples simply won't go much higher. How much value will you get from higher OC? Reduce the oc to 3.0 and see how much it impacts your FPS while gaming.
    If you do not get much of a decrease, it is pointless to reach for a higher OC.
  4. Thanks for the responses..I may get the CoolerMaster 212...I am not really concerned about the OC as much as I want to get the temps down for when it starts to get warmer..the AC sucks in my complex:) I have already maxed out the case fans in the case..I added two "hard drive cage" fans to the front and have two "loose" fans placed inside in strategic areas. Plus I have a side fan for the graphics card. So overall I have 5 additional fans beyond the standard case fans and CPU fan.
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