X1700 with a Low Power Low Profile Galaxy 6800GT

Hi Guys..

i recently have been given a Acer X1700 while not a super machine it does the job..

i was looking to upgrade the graphics card and heard that Galaxy has a Low Profile, Low Power 9600GT for HTPC's

would it work in my setup.. bearing in mind the PSU for the system is only 220w
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  1. Are you trying to get this system to game better? I'v eseen this perconally and its pretty small. And with a 220W PSU I'd doubt it. I can run a 9600GT off a 280W Dell PSU tho. What are the specifications of yours?
  2. Currently It's

    Core 2 Duo E5300
    2GB Ram ( which i'm also upgrading)
    320gb HD
    Geforce G100 Graphics Card (512MB)
    DVD/R Drive
    7.1 Surround Setup
  3. So are you planning to game or just use for HTPC and HD content use?
  4. Would like to use it for some gaming... not play ultra high end games like Crysis but would potentially like to be able to play Starcraft 2.. not a huge FPS gamer..
  5. You could probably use a 9500GT, or a 9400GT. To be honest I can't say without knowing how many amps, rails you have on your PSU. etc.
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