Anyone familiar with a program called HDD Health?

I downloaded the program and i've had my computer for 5 years and the health of my hard drive is at 82% should i worry or will it last quite a long time?

I'm sorry if i'm off subject i looked everywhere online and found no help.
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  1. Health in terms of what? File system health? or physical health (doubt a software can do that)...
  2. Physical health i got it from
  3. Physical health...not tell me how a software would know the physical health of you hard drive. I binged it and it says it warns of impeding failures but I think it means failures of your operating system or file system, not your actual physical hard drive platter. I might be wrong, please correct me somebody if I am. However if it really is your file system or operating system that is monitored, run Check disk on your C drive to correct any problems and then check your hard drive health, if the health increases then that most likley means it monitors your file system not your physical hard drive.
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