Requesting a Bad Company 2 Crossfire 5970 DX11 Bench?

Hey guys. I was curious about how many FPS a crossfire 5970 build could pull off on DX 11 with all high settings, literally every setting maxed out.

I don't know if someone can provide their own results if they have crossfire 5970s, that'd be really really awesome or something off the net as long as it's DX11 on highest settings

So remember, it should be DX11 and running on all high settings

Ave and min if possible, also 1920 x 1080 would be appreciated, or something around there

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  1. Here try this:

    500+ FPS in MW2

    Skip to about 5 min or so to see your BFBC2 benchies.

    What video? Listen to the KILLER band! Wow.
  2. Well that's nice to see I guess, thank you for that. Wonder if anyone has actual benches though, you can't really get good data off a video
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