Changing cpu vcore on an ASUS M4A78-EM

I have an ASUS M4A78-EM and I am currently trying to overclock my processor but the cpu vcore is jumping all around in values. I am assuming it's set to an [AUTO] type value, but I have found no way to manually configure the cpu vcore settings in the bios and the motherboard's manual doesn't even show a way. Is there even a way to set the cpu vcore with this motherboard?

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  1. vcore in your mobo CPU Voltage : just set last picture showvoltage +50mv, +100mv, +150mv. u can change one ! don't auto
  2. I too saw that in the bios settings, but I don't quite understand. So I can add +50mv, +100mv, +150mv but I cannot define a specific value like 1.425 V for example?

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  3. see voltage use in software CPU-Z download here
  4. Is it bad if my Core Voltage goes up to 1.4 V at times?
  5. not bad.. it's good

    u can ask anything in thread :
    (master of OC AMD (ryan / saint19)
  6. Thank you for your help :D
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