GTS 250 Graphics not showing correctly on Dell Dimension 9150

Hi all

Just fitted the GTS 250 yesterday, everything went fine until I tried to play Assassins Creed.

Initially the game looked great but then about 3 minutes in to game play the background and main characters began to randomly disappear and then reappear. This now happens whenever I load the game.

It looks like the card is struggling but this could not be the case (Could it?)

I have 1024 RAM, which the specification on the game asked for from XP and the game itself said all requirements were met on loading. The game does ask for 2048 RAM from Vista but I have XP

Could this be a power supply problem? I am running on 375 watts and the card does ask for 400 but will this have the effect I am seeing?

Any help or ideas much appreciated

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  1. Link to the power supply or post the 12v amps...why did you pair such a card with that amount of guessing your cpu is an even worse bottleneck :sweat:

    Edit:....just s second i noticed you have you pc in the title...

    What resolution are you using with that card?

    Edit: ok anyways your psu does not have enough amps...your short by about 5 or 6 actually...anyways who helped you upgrade? didn't they inform you that you would need a new psu?...

    So lets get down to it whats your budget for a new psu? and i just wanted to chime in that whilst your buying this psu that you upgrade the ram to ATLEAST if your cpu isn't a big enough bottleneck the extra ram will help your system somewhat...
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply

    I got this information from my manual

    DC power supply:
    Wattage 375 W
    Heat dissipation 1280 BTU/hr
    manual selection power supplies — 90 to 135 V and 180 to 265 V
    at 50/60 Hz
    Backup battery 3-V CR2032 lithium coin cell

    Here is a link to that manual...

    I have very little experience with the insides of computers and so bought the best card I could for my budget. I did try to ask on here if the card would be OK with my system but I have obviously made a BooBoo

    thanks for your help

  3. Resoloution is 1024/768

  4. Got some help from DellUser1 on the choice of card

    but I was aware of the power issue but like all idiots hoped like hell it would not effect my performance. Budget is about £50-60

    Hey I can't edit messages like you....
  5. Yeahp after you post notice the 3 icons on the bottom right of the the middle one

    Anyways that was definitely a horrible choice in cards i mean its a HUGE us currency that card costs lets say 130$ should have spent around 60-70$...anyways can't go back now

    Ummm if you can link me to a site in the uk considering your uk that i can select a psu for you i will :)
  6. Haha got it...

    Here are a couple of sites I have begun to look around after reccomendations from friends

    Thanks again

    Just visited our technical support guys and they have just GIVEN me two 512 MB of RAM to add to the 1024 I've already got. WOW the world is full of nice guys....
  7. Wow neat...i had a similar experience when i visited an official sony store to buy a battery or ask for them to charge mine for my old sony camera as it had just died and i had no charger on me which means no family pictures...they didn't sell many and just gave me one from behind the counter that was on charge.....nice people are out there :heink:

    Anyways here you go...

    That one should work just fine...
  8. "Pass it on" realy does work...

    Thanks so very much for all of your help rewindlabs, it is so good to find real help on a forum.

    But here is the obligotary final question....

    I noticed the spec on the PSU said....

    150 x 140 x 86mm 1 x 20+4Pin ATX
    1 x 4-pin CPU
    1 x PCI-E 6+2 pin
    4 x 4-pin Molex peripheral
    1 x 4-pin floppy
    2 x S-ATA

    Will this fit the Dell Dimension 9150? See link above...

    thanks again

  9. levtweeney said:

    I was aware of the power issue but like all idiots hoped like hell it would not effect my performance. Budget is about £50-60

    Unless failing, the Dell 375 is plenty, I still run a more powerful 8800 GTS 640 on one of mine.

    Are you having issues in any other games ?

    @ rewindlabs,
    30 amps combined on the 2x 12v rails is more than enough for a system with a 250 GTS.
  10. From what i read it can only support 17-18 amps on one of its pcie plug ins?....unless your telling me it runs the whole 30amps on the single connection?

    I already read where it had 30 amps but isn't that only when your running two pcie power connections? gts has one...
  11. A 6 pin pcie power connector is rated for 75 watts ( 6.25 a ), the rest of the power for a 250 GTS ( or any other single connector video card that requires it ) comes from the pcie slot.
  12. Hmmm...i still thought i read where users where not getting it and stronger cards to run on that psu :??: hmmm i also thought that most amps where served by the pcie connections *facepalm*

    Guess they must have been doing something wrong :sweat:
  13. Good 500 - 600 watt psu's are dirt cheap. Just replace it with a good one.

    Go to Newegg - they are the best and their rating system will guide you to the best bang for the buck..
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