Where do i find my security key

I bought the kids a new pc and I do not know my wireless security #. How can I find out what it is...my wireless still works on my computer and my laptop, but it is asking for a security key to get theirs online...Anybody?
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  1. If you can't copy the password from the other computers' wireless interface, you need to access the router setup screens. This is best done with an ethernet cable linking the computer and router.

    This may have to resort to the router manual or quick setup guide.

    Basically you put the router's IP address (say into your browser's address bar. You then see a login box Username is usually admin Password might be password or admin or something you added yourself.

    Once in go to wireless settings and wireless security -- copy down password if it's in plain text (or put in a new password) and apply that to the computer(s).
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