M4A89TD PRO USB3 (AM3), and Thermaltake Frio

I am looking to take my Phenom II x4 to 4ghz. I have 2 questions is this cpu cooler good enough for the job, and will this block the ram slots on my motherboard. I have really tall ram (OCZ Reaper), and I do not want to have too take out 4gb of ram to make it fit.
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  1. corsair H70... good cooler
  2. If you are planning to buy the frio, then i would recommend you look at better ones around the same price range like tunq tower 120 extreme or for a few $ more maybe venomous X or megahalems or NH D14 or silver arrow... Frio is a good cooler but noisy (even at mid speeds) and doesn't cool like the others i have mentioned and i have never heard nor seen anybody clocking 4Ghz using it...

    Edit - forgot bout your memory heatsink... the tuniq tower has the best ground clearance to its first heatsink fin...
  3. henydiah said:
    corsair H70... good cooler

    The H70 is a pathetic water cooler.
  4. The H70 is a pathetic water cooler. : not ecaxtly... !

    depend on CPU :D
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