Which graphic card and case for FSX on core i7 system in mid 2009???

Im planning to build my new core i7 system and my main goal is to fluently run MS Flight Simulator X, having seen the best performances are given from geforce 8800 gts or 9800 gtx /gx2 which are slightly out of date respect the rest of the system technology and more difficoult to find (specially with <=1gb vram). which graphic card would you suggest for the use? the gts250 has the same core of the above I've read, will it work well with fsx? and for the enclosure/power supply woud be correct an antec sonata with a 500w PS? or would be better to go for an antec perfomance one serie P182 with a 650W PS? Thank you in advance for the kind and expert collaboration.
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  1. From what reading I have done, FSX seems to respond well to multiple fast cores. There is a patch to enable that. The i7 is a winner there.

    As to the vga card, I don't know how important it is. Certainly the 8800gts or similar is not that strong a card today. I tried FSX on my sustem (i7-920, GTX260-216) and it seemed to me to run well. As I recall, it was important to activate the DX10 option to get good performance. I think there is a patch to enable that also. If the 8800GTS is good, then the GTS250 will be better. It would not hurt to look at something as strong as a GTX275. Go with one of the newer generation cards. They use a smaller manufacturing technology, and are therefore faster, cooler, and cheaper.

    Such a card should use a quality psu of 550 watts and 40a on the 12v rail/s.
    Corsair and PC P&C would be my first picks.
    The GTS250 would do fine with a quality 450w psu.

    Save some money for elsewhere and get an Antec 300:
    No "bling" but very good cooling.
  2. thankyou very much for your opinion, it'll help me decide...
  3. you'll want the GTS250 since FSX likes high shader clocks, and you'll get around 2GHz with a GTS250 whereas in higher end cards you'll only get ~1500MHz.
  4. Very interesting obseevation, that's probably the reason why precipua nvidia technology pushes more frames than newer, fax related of course. Interesting! Thanx!
  5. it was Fsx not fax, sorry
  6. go get wired2fire hellspawn with gtx285 and i7 /920 overclocked to 3.38 runs cool with 3fans also featured in pcpro sep09.I am in fsx heaven smooth so smooth wow! All about £999 with standard cd/rom no speakers or monitor. this systwem so good bought wired 2 fire 3x monitor package..........booleyz
  7. Helloworld_98 said:
    you'll want the GTS250 since FSX likes high shader clocks, and you'll get around 2GHz with a GTS250 whereas in higher end cards you'll only get ~1500MHz.


    seems to me you know well fsx and gpu specs, finally I've purchased almost all components:

    -case antec p183
    -psu antec cp 840
    -mobo asus p6t
    -cpu core i7 920
    -ram corsair XMS3 6 Gb (3x2Gb) 1600Mhz CL7

    as gpu I'm waiting since ages for an EVGA GTS250 Superclocked 1GB, but unfortunately, seems to me it wiil not arrive (can't find it any more not even on the official site), so I'm getting lost and can't decide wich other card purchase (maybe xfx, maybe asus or even GAINWARD, which produces a gts250 model loaded with 2gb of vram). Since the gtx2xx series from nvidia are dual gpu in sli and this is not good for fsx and the shader clocks are lower, how about switch to ATI's HD 5xxx series?

    please help (I'm feeling every day passes it'll be more difficoult to find a good gts250 out)
  8. There is NO NEED whatsoever for a 2gb Card, and the difference between a 512mb card and a 1gb is minimal.

    I would however strongly suggest investing in an ATI card, a 4890 or a 5770 is cheap and will lap up the frames on FSX.

    A GTX260 216core will also eat FSX alive. At the moment I run it on 2x 8800GTs and I dont experience many slowdowns.

    If a GTX260 doesnt do it for you, get an old 9800GT, an aftermarket cooler and OC the crap out of it. the 9800 is an awesome card and still retains glory even now.
  9. HEY GUYS! This is an old thread from 3 months ago. The OP is long gone!
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