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I have a small computer repair shop and was requested to do a reinstall. fine quick and easy. problem is that the drivers seem to not exist. after formatting hd, realized that keyboard was a bit different. keys are in different spots. thought this was a bit unusual, then realized that packard bell was not a common brand in the U.S. anymore then took a closer look at the computer and realized that it was from france. if anyone knows where to find drivers for a packard bell easynote alp ajax GN, I would be graetly appreciative. it seems as though no matter how much I search, i cannot seem to find them, including on the packard bell website. faithful google doesnt seem to help much in this case. I've searched for hours. Thanx for any help. by the way, it is xp home sp2, laptop, and at very least need network driver, probably an nvidia chipset
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  1. I think HP has an Automatic Product Detection search...
    And I think there is also something called Packard Bell Updator, little program from HP that searches online for all HP drivers your pc needs...
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