Will this CPU work with my motherboard?

Hey guys, I'm looking to do a little upgrading to my computer, and I want to make sure I'm doing everything right. I currently have a Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2 Rev. 3.9 motherboard with a Intel Pentium E2160. I am looking to upgrade that CPU. After a little research, I think I have narrowed it down to the E5000 Series, specifically the Intel Dual-Core E5400. I am wondering if this chip will work with my motherboard. I know the FSB will match up, but I'm worried about the chip tech. My current chip is a 65nm, and the one I would like is a 45nm. Can I still use the chip I want? Thanks for all the help!

P.S. If anyone can think of a better chip upgrade then the one I have, feel free to let me know.
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  1. http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Support/Motherboard/CPUSupport_List.aspx

    Why don't you have a look yourself? Most information like this can be had very easily from the manufacturer's websites.
  2. I guess I should of added this in the OP, the website doesn't have any information about the entire E5000 series, it goes from E4000 to E6000.
  3. I don't know how you're looking but if you searched by model:


    You can see it mentions E5200 - E5400.
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