What would be the optimal liquid cooling system for my rig ?

I own Cooler Master V6 cpu cooler and so far its been doing crappy job, reinstalled it over and over again using line method, pea method, whatsoever. At stock settings, my i7 930 idles at 45degC , Prime95 max load temp of 70sh-deg C With the condition like this cant overclock my i7 930 to 4.0ghz and over

Decided to go with liquid cooling, budget range of 200~300 dollars US. What would be the optimal water cooling system for my rig ?
I am new to water cooling, but I know how to install all its components.

oh yeah, and I want internal water cooling

System Specs:
cpu: intel i7 930
motherboard: gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r
ram : 6gb g.skill 1600mhz ddr3 trip-channel
power supply: 550w atx standard psu
case: cooler master haf 922 (mid tower case,supports
water cooling)
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  1. First of all make sure you've educated yourself fully about what you're stepping into. Make sure you've actually got everything planned out for your specific scenario or else you my find things getting expensive quickly.
    And More

    For cooling the i7 CPUs a 120x3 rad is generally recommended, especially when overclocking. I'm not entirley sure, but it looks like you can hang a triple radiator from the top of the case similar to the HAF 932. The XSPC Rasa 750 kit is an attractive kickstart to watercooling. However, do not be afraid to part out your own system if you are looking for specific parts or functionality.
  2. if your room temps are 30+ then expect high idle temps?
  3. Nothing wrong with a cm v6 cooler.
    liquid cooling will not necessarily be better.

    What vga card do you have? Often cards with proprietary coolers do a good job of cooling the gpu, but dump the heat back in the case and hurt the cpu.

    If you are prepared to spend $ 300 on liquid cooling, I suggest you buy a 2500K and a new P67 motherboard instead. Sell the 930 and mobo to amortize the cost.

    The 2500K should do 4.5 easy, and each of those 4.5 is 15% more efficient than the 930.
  4. **Sigh**

    Please read stickies before posting threads like this. There is important information that covers all the questions you are asking in there. Becoming an informed consumer is the first step of determining what is best for your needs. These stickies contain a ton of information that will get you started and answer a lot of questions you have.

    Please, please read through them a lot. Once you get the concepts and terminologies down, asking/answering questions is a lot more beneficial as you understand what is being discussed. Just trying to help...we get these kinds of threads A LOT.
  5. read the suggested reading

    okay, then let me restate my problem....
    There is nothing interfering with cm v6, nothing is dumping hot air into it
    the ambient temperature of my room is about 23~25 +/- 0.5 deg C (fluctuates a bit)

    Ive been reinstalling cm v6 over and over to get better temperature result
    idles at 45 deg C, prime95 temp at like.. high 70s, cpu is at stock settings @ 2.8ghz
    Vcore is at 1.25v. What could be the problem ?
  6. Case fans, how many where?

    How much thermal paste are you using? (only should use the size a grain of rice or even smaller)

    You might be seeing as good of results with that cooler for your setup. V6 is fairly decent, Haf is a decent case. Could be a couple things, human error mostly.
  7. I have one 220mm intake fan at the front
    one 220mm exhaust fan at the top of the case
    standard 120mm exhaust fan near where the cm v6 is located
    the cm v6 has two 120mm intake/exhaust fans for push and pull airflow through the fins
    all intake fans have dust filters

    i used a very little thermal paste(arctic silver 5) (about the size you recommended), still the results are terrible QQ
  8. Try this:

    Pull the side of your case, get a house fan, turn on HIGH, blow into your case.

    If your temps get better, you have an airflow issue with your case fans.

    If your temps remain the same, you have an issue with the V6 or it's just where it would run, if installed correctly.
  9. LOL i found out the problem
    turns out the ambiant temperature is over 30deg C
    I opened up my window, according to weather today, its 18deg C outside
    waited in my room wearing blanket, cold as hell

    idle temps are 38deg C, prime95 load at 70C
    so extrapolating from this data, at ambiant temperature of 25~27deg which is room temp. i should get about good result

    since i live in a condo, i dont have house fans :( , and its all automated room temp
    so i cant change it
    what would be the best cpu cooler at ambiant temp greater than say.. 28deg C ?
    should i go water cooling ?
  10. Watercooling can never go below ambient unless you setup some kind of chiller.
  11. I do not wish to go below the ambiant temperature but
    rather close to it, as long as its chilling around in the 70s

    which means i need something that can transport heat
    rapidly out of the cpu :(
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    About as close as you are going to get to a real intro watercooling kit that will perform well:
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