Nvidia post $200m first quarter loss on increased market share.


Full transcript :- http://seekingalpha.com/article/136355-nvidia-f1q10-qtr-end-4-26-09-earnings-call-transcript

Looking at that you'd have to imagine the increase in market share is from selling off older tech at lower prices, ie the gts250. The thing is, that is just going to hurt future sales because a person who might have upgraded to one of the g300 gpu's probably won't now.

It's pretty clear than Nvidia are branching out into other areas and they have to in order to survive. Even if they increase their market share over ATI, they are doing it at a loss. What I can't understand is why they would go large with the g300 again. They have had a year of seeing that big, expensive parts are leading to huge losses yet they've gone and made the biggest chip ever (probably) with the g300. We have to assume their plan is to sell 40nm g200's as their budget chips, but they will be in direct competition with lower end 5800's at 40nm. That's one they are going to lose.

I'm no economist but I don't have to be to see that Nvidia are in extremely deep doodah. ATI, of course, are just as bad. With their best range of gpu's ever they cannot even gain market share on an Nvidia who can barely stop shooting themselves in the foot. Intel must be laughing their heads off at the pair of them.
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  1. This is what rebranding does to a company.
  2. the loss could be accountable to nvidia not having an i7 chipset (the licenses may not be that sufficient to keep em coming in).
  3. This is all mind boggling, I wish I could slap the CEO of Nvida with a rubber hose.
  4. Actually, I'd take the market share first, and worry about a minor loss second. Think about it: despite ATI's better low end products in the middle of a recession, market shares went up. Thats a good thing.
  5. Quote:
    Guess they'll have to trim down TWIMTBP program a bit :lol:

    God I hope so, some games that run EQUALLY well on an ATI system as well as a nVidia system at the software level would be nice for a change. I hope ATI does not take this chance to do the same damn thing...
  6. Nvidia's share price is going to hell on the back of this news btw. The biggest problem for them is that their billions were made on very expensive products that will never be sold for those prices again.
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