Could someone help me Hot up my computer

Operating Sustem:-----------Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1 Build 2600)
System Manufacturer:-------------------------------------------------------------Compaq
System Model:---------------------------------------Evo D510 SFF BIOS: 68202 v1.08
Processor:-------------------------------------------------Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.80GHz
Memory:-------------------------------------------760MB RAM Page file 688MB availble
DirectX Version:------------------------------------------DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DAC type:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Internal

These are the specs of my current computer, pretty sad huh lol.

wot i really want to do is Hot it up so that it stops freezing and lagging like crazy.

I mean i do look after my computer with regular defragmentation with UltraDefrag, I use tune up utilities 2009 alot and i always make sure that the I am not getting to close to the anoyying restriction of 37.2 GB of space.

anyway I was woundering wot things i should upgrade for a better Gaming capable computer.

Oh and another thing i recently downloaded and installed directX 10 so i dont know why it is still saying i have 9.0 anyway i dont really have a budget but i mean under 800$ but over 200$ should be fine.
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  1. Its the CPU, its old and its pretty slow (1.8Ghz). You might want to save up for a new system overall.
  2. hmm ok thanks
  3. You have XP so you can't install directx10. You need Vista for that and a graphic card that supports directx10. I am pretty sure that you don't have that too. If you want a decent pc for gaming, you should buy a new pc.
  4. Yup, as the above guys stated a new PC would be a better option. You could get a half decent entry level gaming PC, which would far out perform your current one. Just have a look online for deals.
  5. Reckon the general opinion will be to look for a replacement for it as the upgrade potential isn't very high really. Not 100% what your system will take cpu wise, maybe a P4 in the 2.5 range and with hyperthreading if you are lucky, would need more system information to confirm that. I certainly wouldn't want to spend much on a P4 even a higher clocked one (would certainly make your system hot, but not in the way you want!!). I imagine about the fastest you can find on the AGP front will be overpriced and about the same speed as the lower tier PCIe cards too.

    To upgrade it you'll need to update the cpu to the fastest the board will take, new video, more memory and probably a new power supply too (by then that 175w might be struggling).

    There have been a few budget system builds on here to give you an idea of what you can expect for the money (sorry, but don't know whereabouts in the world you are). Considering what you are using now I imagine just about any dual core from Intel/AMD teamed up with something around the AMD4770/Nvidia250 range would be a significant leap. I would just avoid anything with a single core cpu nowadays.

    If you aren't happy building there should be plenty off the shelf so to speak. I suggest you post a link here, I'm sure that someone will chime in with a suggestion or two.
  6. I agree. You'll want a new computer. I'd save a little cash and build a nice budget build here. I think you could do pretty well with a few hundred dollars and be happy with the performance improvements.
  7. I take it you dont know how to build a system? If not then buying a decent one to build off of is the best option. The only issues I see with buying even from Ebay is they dont tell what type of power supply they use which in turn tells me its a very low grade unit. This will make it iffy to put a high end video card in without upgrading the psu on your new system which in turn may void your warranty.

    If you have to do it that way then look at this one:

    Its cheaper and a much better processor. Do you have a copy of windows to install on these new pcs? The one you and I both found dont have one and you need a copy to install.

    The onboard graphics is very low grade for gaming so you will need to allow yourself enough quid to get a decent very good video card.

    If you have the money I would prefer this one:

    Computer parts and built systems are high for you guys in Australia so its tough getting a system below the cost of the last one I just found ready to play out of the box but I think this may be the best option for you if you dont know how to work on them.

    If you do know how then as I suggested beforehand you should build one from scratch so you know exactly what is in your system.

    Keep in mind you still need an operating system even for the last one I mentioned so allow for funds for this as well...
  8. I second englandr753's suggestion - build your own. You can get a nice build for relatively cheap.

    It only takes a little reading and a little searching to get it all together. You can always come back with your questions.
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