BIOSTAR P4M900-M7 FE Not GigaBit ?

I just bought a Biostar P4M900-M7 FE motherboard from compusa. On the back of the box it lists the features of the motherboard. It specifically says Gigabit LAN and and reads as follows
"Gigabit LAN provides simultaneous LAN and WAN connections at a blazing fast network connection speed of up tp 1,000 Mbps"

No where on the box does it state otherwise. Yet after building the PC and installing Windows 7 i find that it seems to not support gigabit lan. Am I wrong ? Is there anyone else who has gigabit lan running on this board ? I chose this motherboard over another specifically because I wanted Gigabit ethernet, as my switches and routers support it.Is this false advertising, what should I do? I would be very pissed off if I spent all this time and have to redo it after getting a motherboard that does indeed support Gigabit ethernet.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. I've had both giga lan and the regular 10/100 speed. I didn't notice any difference. Your internet connection, time of day, and server capacity of your provider are more important than the giga lan. On Sunday afternoons and evenings, the internet is clogged with users. But early on weekday mornings, it's much faster.
  2. Gigabit ethernet on a board that old would be odd...
  3. gaBit Ethernet is really only useful and noticeable when transferring files on your local LAN wich is what I use it for. You are correct in that you wont notice it when surfing the net. Im just pissed of to have it Written in 8 different languages on the back of the box that the board has GigaBit Ethernet, only to find out after hours of building and installing that it does not. I guess it speaks to the quality of BIOSTAR products.
  4. I understand your point exactly. Don't know why they would misprint this feature, unless they changed the specs of later versions of this board and didn't bother to change the box to save some printing costs. If you write them, at least you'll let them know why you won't buy their products anymore. I got a call from a microsoft tech yesterday about a complaint I had. At least they responded. My original media center copy wouldn't display the activation window due to a lack of service pack 2, so they sent me a new media of xp pro. I wanted to be sure this wouldn't happen with vista 64 oem.
  5. you tryed installing the cd first you ethernet won't work unless you install the drivers for it first i'd built 2 or 3 with it nice board tryed that first
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