Transferring programs from small SSD to large HDD (x64)

Hi there!

Just a quick question - I've searched the forums and google, but have yet to find someone in quite the same situation.

I made my first build this summer, and ended up being talked into a 60GB SSD right before purchase. This is set up as C:, and has, at the moment, the OS, program files, desktop, etc... essentially anything that goes on C: by default, EXCEPT for My Documents which I moved over to my N: drive (a pretty standard 1.5 TB hard drive). On N: I've got all of my media, documents, and bulky files.

I had read a lot about how only certain files and programs should be kept on an SSD, but school was starting again and I did not have the time to worry about such things - I had to use my computer right away. So everything was installed onto the SSD, and nothing was really transfered (except for My Documents, as an afterthought)

Now that I've installed most of my programs onto the SSD, I am seriously running out of space. I have 2 concerns:

1) That I will burn out this drive too quickly by using it so intensively, and
2) There is barely enough space on the drive anymore to install new programs.

I am running a 64 bit copy of Windows 7. I need to know how to relocate certain program files to the 1.5 TB drive. Also, if you guys could give me any advice on WHAT programs I should be relocating (MS Office? Games? TVersity? Ableton Live?) and which should stay on the SSD it would be very appreciated. If there are any temp files or caches, or other things that I should be moving over too, advice on that would be very appreciated.

Thanks so much,

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  1. Anyone have any ideas?

    I would like to, for example, move the Starcraft II program files / saves etc. to the larger hard drive.

  2. Have you disabled hibernation (save 2 to 4 Gigs), did you move your Swap file over to the HDD (again saves 2 to 4 gigs - depends on if you set the min/max to the same size and what value). You can move internet temp files to the HDD (small savings) these last 2 come with a small performance hit.

    After a, start uninstalling programs that you use the lest and reinstall to HDD.
  3. on SSD, leave your OS.... and any other program you use a lot that take long time to load, example, adobe photoshop, if you use a program like that, then yes... keep it on it, but if not, move it.

    temps files should be keep on a different drive, and not your SSD....
  4. The only way to "relocate " or "move" programs is to uninstall them and reinstall them on the SSD.
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