OCZ Triple channel with Intel DX58SO extreme motherboar

Hello everybody, :hello:
I just bought the Intel DX58SO extreme Desktop Board. But to my surprise it had a yellow sheet saying : Operating the system with memory modules running higher than 1.6 V can result in damage to the processor and/or motherboard. Unfortunately I already have 2sets of OCZ triple Memory (PC3 12800 8-8-8 @ 1.65V Gold Series @ GB 1600).
Every motherboard I know X58 accepts Memory modules with 1.65V why does Intel's DX58S0 allow maximum 1.6V :pfff: instead of the usual 1.65 V for X58 boards an i7 CPU. (mine i7-920). If I operate my computer with the above OCZ Memory will it be so bad, and if YES, could I underclock my Ram. Please explain exacty how I should do it.
thanks very much in advance for your prompt reply.
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  1. ^ I dont think you would face any problems... A .05V difference would not give any issues...
    And that 1.65V limit is actually for the memory controller that is inbuilt with the i7 CPU and is not related to the mobo...
  2. Dang, you got a Mother boar in there? That thing must be vicious...

    (couldn't resist)
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