WD Passport adapter dead?

I've had this 160GB western digital passport for a few years now never had any problem.
But suddently when I plug it in (Win 7) I get the "usb device not reconized" error.
The code of the error is 43 which seems to be a device failure.
I also have a mac and it doesn't work on it either.

At first I thought the drive was dead. I dismantled the case and plugged the drive internally without the usb adapter.
This worked fine. I even reformated the drive (ntfs).
I plugged the adapter back in, tried usb connection, same error.

Can the adapter be the cause of failure or is it only a driver issue.
Can't find any driver for it though they're supposed to be generic and packed with the OS.

Any idea?
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  1. Is this a 2.5-inch "portable" drive that normally gets its power through the USB cable?

    I have a (non-WD) drive like that and it has a little switch on the back between the USB and power connectors to choose whether to take power via the USB cable or via an external power brick that you plug into the wall. If the switch is set the wrong way it won't work if it just has the USB connection.
  2. Its a 2.5-inch portable drive from WD and it power only from usb it has no switch or plug input.
  3. ...and are you still plugging it directly into the computer system itself, or are you plugging it into a USB hub? Hubs, particularly unpowered ones, can be problematic for devices like disks that have a high power drain.
  4. Directly to the computer, also tried various cables, various usb port, PC usb, mac usb.
  5. I got my anwser. I checked the adapter with a magnifier. Turns out one of the component was partiably ripped off the adapter. So the drive is good the adapter is dead.

    Thx all.
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    I had the same thing happen to my WD Scorpio WD1600BEAS (Passport Original) junk drive. The USB adaptor somehow goes on the glitch (didn't rip off, nothing ever happend to the drive physically). Just quit working when I plugged it into another computer.

    When you pull apart the mobile case and bypass the little card that adapts the HD to USB by using standard tech cables available all over the place (USB to SATA Converter Cable) the drive works fine.

    Sub-standard electronics from Thailand...I bet tons of people pay big bucks sending these drives off to "data recovery specialists". What a joke. Western Digital should have a stock pile of these cards to send out to unhappy customers.
  7. Also, to get your drive working again buy a 2.5" SATA External Drive Case off, about $5 will get your rolling again!!! I just bought one myself and salvaged a $100 drive for $5.
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