Issue Installing ATI Raedon 2600 HD pro AGP

I am running:

Windows XP, P4 2.4mz, 1gb ram, 450wt BG PSU, AGP 8x.
MotherBoard INTEL D865PERL, Bios is up to date.

My old card has been outstanding but very outdated, geforce 4 Ti, card is more than 5 yrs old and still going strong but I needed to upgrade for HD and some home movie editing. So I purchased the ATI 2600 AGP. When I install the card and turn the machine on I get the normal XP start screen with some distortion on the progress bar. When it finally gets to my desktop the picture is completely jumbled and messed up. You can not make anything out on the screen. If I get into my bios at start up the display looks fine. If I hit F8 to fire up in safemode the selection screen is fine but when I select boot in Safe Mode I get the same jumbled up screen. When I return to my good old GeForce 4 card no problem. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    I think you need to RMA that card.
  2. Are you uninstalling the NVidia drivers before installing the ATI card and drivers?

    -Wolf queries
  3. Yes I am uninstalling the Nvidia drivers and software. I even placed the ATI drivers in a folder so I could try and install them using safemode once I've installed the new card but the screen is unreadable in safemode as well.
  4. Try Driver sweeper or Drive cleaner to clean out the old drivers completely.
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