Slower PC while holding any key

Hi.I have this problem.My PC is getting slower while holding any key. For example (If I am just standing in GTA4 i get 55fps but when i start to hold some key the FPS is same but the game is slow) the same problem is in Vista too.Without holding a key the movie is good but while holding it is slow(excuse me my English I am Slovak).also the sound while holdin a key is scratchy. :( Im running Vista 64bit sp1

my performance : CPU:Phenom II x4 940
GPU:Sapphire HD 4850 512mb
2x2gb kingston RAM
PSU:550W coolermaster

can somebody please help me?? :(

I dont know wich category is for this please forgive me
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  1. no solutions? :(
  2. Maybe your computer is running a bit hot?

    Have you dusted recently?

    Remember that when standing still in a game it is less for your computer
    to process and do...when you move you will experience a drop in fps

    Pressing a key would make me think something is up with your processor if the slowing is THAT bad...maybe a defrag...a lot of general slowing can be caused by viruses,overheating ect...
  3. I thought the same but i dont need to move to get lags...I can hold the key wich has no function in the game and it lags out... :( my CPU temperature is sth about 40...and it happens when i watch some movie too
  4. and The CPU is new...Firstly i thougt that it was CPU so i have bougt new one...but the problem was still here
  5. I have had this problem with GTA Vice City. Believe it or not, installing the software that is on the keyboard manufacturers website "should" fix your issue.
  6. ok finally i found out that this issue is HDD problem...The driver detective found that i dont have AMD PCI IDE Controller driver installed....Unfortunately i dont have money to buy driver detective(without buying it, I cant download driver automatically)So can U help me finding it?I spent hours googling but nothing! please :(
  7. my MB : Gigabyte MA-790x-UD4
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