Hard Drive Keeps Skipping?

Hello all, here is my setup
320GB Segate HDD for Windows and Programs
1TB WD Black drive for games and music
Lately I have noticed, and it keeps getting worse. My Games start to skip (audio makes weird sounds) and if I play music (through zune) and play a game both will shutter. This is not lagg or slowdown. The two most notable games are Fall Out NV and SCII. This did not happen before. I have also tried to re-install each game, no help and both drives have passed SMART test.

Rest of PC
Phenom II x4 955
GTX460 1GB
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  1. Use a program that shows the disk's SMART counters (such as DiskPerfmon) to see if the drive is reporting errors.
  2. I used WD lifeguard and all the smart counters for the drive are fine.
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