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Hi.I am running Vista 64bit sp1.GPU : HD4850 512MB..After installing drivers(i tried a lot ) the PC after loading VISTA restarts(diplay has no signal and is black)...can somebody help? :(
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  1. Give more info please :)
    -How the installing windows passed? were there problems?
    -Are you install the drivers on a fresh instaled Win? (there could be problems if you update exisiting drivers)
    I am with HD4850x2 myself, had no problems installing drivers on Win XP 64 bit.
    Are you sure the drivers are for the right version of Windows. They Must be exactly for Vista 64-bit, except if there is an explicit note that they are compatible for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows vista (unlikely).
  2. the installing passed without problems..I have installed drivers right after windows installation...Exact drivers for Vista 64bit Hd4800 series...
  3. Could you give computer specs (could be a hardware issue too).

    Try booting in safe mode and uninstalling the drivers (then restart, then reinstall).

    Also, only have 1 monitor hooked up (and to the main plug).
  4. CPU: Phenom II x4 940
    GPU: HD4850 Sapphire
    MB: GA 790x-UD4
    PSU: 550w CoolerMaster

    I tried that many times but no changes...There is one option of functioning...When I install the driver without Catalyst Control Center, the computer starts for a first time...but after another restart there is 20%chance of getting to Vista(sorry for my english)

    Do you think that flashing new BIOS would help?I read on some forums about the same problem with HD4850 and i did not found exact solution...Only solution I found is that without installing CCC,but it is useless when I want to reboot my PC
  5. Hmm, one (possibly random and probably not helpful) idea. When you installed your motherboard, the standoffs were metal and you didn't put any insulating washers between the screws and the MB, correct?
  6. I did that exactely like in the installation guide
  7. and sometimes after booting Vista the screen goes blue and then goes restart
  8. You could try updating your MB BIOS (can't hurt) and do a careful check to make sure all the BIOS settings are correct. Also, if this is a new build I would recommend reinstalling Windows and starting over. Then, maybe try the drivers from the CD first (or the newest from online if you already tried the CD ones first).

    Also, I may be wrong on this, but you may be able to turn off the Vista autorestart so you can actually read the Blue screen (assuming it says something). Also, check you system logs to see if it lists a cause or suspect.
  9. THX a lot....I will try flash the BIOS.Where can I find newest BIOS for Sapphire?
  10. quick note - I had vista 64 installed with a Sapphire 4850 and the latest drivers (9.**), it continued to give me BSoD, I'm fortunate enough to be a college student with access to the every version of windows, so installed vista 32 and the recent drivers worked fine, so I went back to my vista64 and installed some older drivers (8.8) and they worked fine, the major difference between the new (9.**) and the old (8.8) is the CCC "overclocking" isn't present in the 8.8 drivers...

    try and find the older drivers, that might work... (I had a disk, or I'd give you the link)

  11. Yeah I would be greatful if you gave me the link :)
  12. and I dont understand why ATI doesnt solve this problem...There are a lot of people with the same issue :(
  13. Yeah, sorry I was referring to the Motherboard BIOS. Card BIOSes are much harder to come by (and I have no clue where to find them).

    If you are referring to older drivers:


    That's back a year or so.
  14. thanks, and do you think that flashing cards BIOS(if i found one) would help?
  15. and what do you think?which one MB BIOS would help?

    I am running F2 now.
  16. Hmm, yours is weird (as it has an F2 newer than an F3). Maybe a MB BIOS flash isn't worth it, but you should at least reset the BIOS to default and reenter everything just to be safe. If you would like to try one, there is no harm in it (I've flashed my gigabyte board several times and they normally make improvements). Maybe try the F3 one.

    As for a card BIOS, I've never messed with that before so I don't know. It depends on what the problem with your card is.

    When it does run, have you gotten a chance to run a program that will stress it? Like 3D Mark or a game?

    Also, have you gotten a chance to run a older driver?
  17. yes...when it does run,i can play game or benchmark....but CCC has no Ati overdrive option...and after rebooting PC the black screen is back :(
  18. Was there any random software that came on your driver CD (like mine came with a card health program)? When I uninstalled those, the comp started saying there was no video driver and doing weird things. Maybe install those if you have any.

    Also, in what driver version is Overdrive not showing up? They just put out a new version of it, maybe that new one is incompatible with your card BIOS.
  19. You probably already saw this thread, but it may have some advice (to at least compare to what you did). The end result isn't favorable though, as the guy justr gave up and bought a 260.

  20. yeah you are right.I just installed driver 9.4 and the Ati overdrive is there...but the problem stays...


    a lot of people with same problem.And they say that this problem came up long time ago and it is not fixed yet :(
  21. Just to confirm, it reboots after losing signal on its own (in other words, you don't just lose signal).
  22. After booting into vista(when the windows sign should show up)...the screen is black and right after about 10 sec. it reboots
  23. Well, you could try using non-DVI (VGA cable) or another monitor to see if that helps (also check if it detecting your monitor correctly). Could also try installing the drivers, then going in in safe mode and turning all the Graphics settings down low, then reboot. And one last ditch effort, turn off USB legacy detect in BIOS.
  24. i'm having totally da same problem with you !
    and i'm running on vista x64 ultimate
    the problem solved when i didnt install the CCC, and just purely driver installed.

    and my spec is phenom II x4 955 / cooler master extreme 500w / ati radeon hd4850 JUST SAME AS yours

    izit urs solved?

    i think i might not use ati radeon anymore , i will switch to SLI or what that dont caused this problem !!
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