Laptop Does Not Recognize Hard Drive

I have an HP 530, last week it stopped working, it wouldn't boot into windows anymore. Tried to repair with windows disk and it didn't work. A disk check from the BIOS returned with a failure so I bought a new drive and when I try a fresh install, I receive a warning that no hard drive is recognized. Tried the drive as a secondary on my desktop and it is recognized at startup, reads/writes fine.
I also booted up the laptop from a Linux Live CD to check that the other components were working fine.

I did a disk check from the laptop's BIOS on the new hard drive and it passes every test. Somehow the disk is seen in the BIOS, but the windows install does not let me continue after a while.
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  1. No one has any idea?

    Or is there a better part of the forum where this might get an answer?
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