Remote access to data files?

I want to setup a basic VPN so that i can access my data remotly when i'm not at work. I currently am thinking of having a NAS and have some files stored onto that through my LAN at work. But i want to be able to save/retreive files from that network storage, such as a CAD file, so i can play with it at home instead of being at the office to do that.
So i ask..what would be the best way to access this info and edit it remotly?? Would setting up a VPN be easiest? if so could someone point me in the right direction as to where to start looking for info on this?
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  1. VPN would definitely work for what you want, but i am not sure if it would be the easiest to set up/access I believe you would need a special router or a dedicated PC or other dedicated device to make it work.

    But the easiest and cheapest way in my opinion is using 3ed party programs. such as drop box they give you 2 GB free of online storage. and you can access you files anytime anywhere.

    The next way i would do it if you don't want drop box would be FTP if you NAS drive supports it.

    If you are relay set on VPN solution. I use Hamachi it is all software VPN so you just install it. No special Hardware required. But they want money if you are using it for work. (This will not be able to access your NAS drive. Just the computer you install it on to)

    If you want to know how to set any of this up i can help
  2. Depending how "transparent" you want this to be, maybe you could just setup an SFTP (Secure FTP) server behind your router and do port-forwarding.
  3. If possible, I would highly advise using SFTP over FTP as FTP doesn't use any encryption either for the data stream or the transmission of username/password. Therefore, anyone interception the login packet would have access to your FTP.
  4. I meant to say that i already HAVE a NAS hooked up to my work LAN.
    The main problem is that i need to access it Remotely but the FTP server that is hosted on the NAS doesn't support SFTP so it isn't secure. I wanted to do a VPN into the work network so i could access the NAS as if i was at work and not worry about security issues
    Is there a specific router that supports VPN that is relativly easy to setup? I'm not the only one accessing this NAS so i would prefer a VPN into my work LAN.
    Sorry for the late response.
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