GA-X38-DQ6 possible malfunction

Hello everyone,

I keep getting blue screens and i really need your help.

Before this summer, i kept getting blue screens and my system was crushing all the time when i tried to run a demanding programme (for example football manager), and then i found out that my memory was the problem as i run the mem test and it showed multiple errors. So i used the warranty and purchased another set of RAM (corsair Dominator DDR2).
When i ran the mem test again with the new memory failed again and my system crushed again. So i changed slots to the memory kit but had no time to check again as i had to leave my place for my summer job. when i returned the PC was working fine, (i forgot to run a mem test again-stupid me). that was going on for about a month, but the last week i got blue screens at three occassions. i run the mem test again on both sets of slots and it showed multiple errors.

Since i changed my Ram, is it possible that the motherboard creates this malfunction?

What can i do to determine the cause of my system's failure?

The model of my mobo is GA-X38-DQ6

I apologise for any mistakes in expressions or grammar, but i seek your understanding since english is not my mother language.
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  1. Will need processor type and RAM part number to help. Have you done the "Load Optimized Defaults" from the BIOS menu?
  2. bilbat said:
    Will need processor type and RAM part number to help. Have you done the "Load Optimized Defaults" from the BIOS menu?

    Well i am quite a noob with that kind of stuff . My processor is an intel core 2 duo 6750. and i dont know how to do "load optimized defaults"

    My RAM pa rt number is this: TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF G
  3. First, you will need to 'enter' the BIOS. (The BIOS [basic input/output system] is boot firmware, designed to be the first code run by a PC when powered on. The initial function of the BIOS is to identify, test, and initialize system devices such as the video display card, hard disk, floppy disk and other hardware. The BIOS prepares the machine for a known state, so that software stored on compatible media [an OS, or operating system - like windoze] can be loaded, executed, and given control of the PC. This process is known as 'booting', or booting up, which is short for bootstrapping.) The screens shown may not exactly match yours, as GB uses a sometimes 'generic' illustration in their manuals, but it'll be close enough for our purposes. You will get one of these two screens at turn on:

    You will need to kind of become a woodpecker here for a bit, 'pecking' repeatedly at a couple keys, and don't be frustrated if it takes you a few tries - the boot is so quick on most modern machines that it's entirely normal to 'miss' the BIOS entry point... If you're getting the first screen, you'll first need to hit <TAB> to get to the second one; once you get the second screen, you need to hit <DEL> to enter the BIOS. Once you do get to the second screen, note the letter/number combination I've circled in yellow on the screen - it will be "F" something; if it's "F3", you have a problem; if it's "F4", "F5", or higher, you're good there... I know this is a lot to do in a couple seconds - that's why I warn that it may take a few tries; it will help if you locate the <TAB> and <DEL> keys before you power on, and poise the index finger of your left hand over <TAB>, and the index finger of your right hand over <DEL> in preparation...

    Once you 'get in' to the BIOS, you will see a screen similar to this:

    Simply cursor to the "Load Optimized Defaults" item and hit <ENTER>:

    (page 58 of your manual...)

    Save, exit, and reboot, and see if you're in better shape!

    Good luck - any questions, feel free to post back...

  4. I did all you said and for now i haven't gotten any blue screens. But my memories are still failing in the mem test....So maybe its the RAM that causes the problem.
    Does anyone know if there is anything else that I can try in order to check if my mobo is causing the problem since i changed RAM 3 times?
  5. Finally the Ram is malfunctioning. One of the two modules fails the mem test but when got them 3 months ago they would pass the mem test with no problems.
    So, i guess I am unlucky with RAM...

    That goes for bilbat...should i keep the changes that you told me to make on the BIOS setup, when you answered my Private message? Are they really going to affect my pc in any ways?

    Thanx a lot, you 've been really helpful
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