What will erasing my HDD do for me?

Wanted a reliable input on how i go about really making sure my hard drive can be erased/reformatted back to a worry-free factory-type condition where i know i have a fresh start. I am going to be upgrading XP to windows 7 soon but i also dont want any viruses in my hard drive after the install. i do sophos rootkit and Avira virus scans. and they have caught a trojan before and quarantined it. Now i'm concern there might be something hidden in my registries and want to know if i should just overwrite my hard drive with software like "Active kill disk hard drive eraser" or can reformatting/clean install to windows 7 be good enough? Thank you. I'll take all advice coming my way =)
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    running ccleaner and using its drive wipe tool, after also doing a full erase - then doing a full format should do the trick if your super anal retentive about it,

    but a simple format upon installing windows is fine for the masses...
  2. also acronis disk manager is a one stop for all that kinda junk - works great for that kind of stuff and more - but for the simple formatting of a hdd, you can use disk management...
  3. cool, ty
  4. Acronis true image, and Norton ghost are very nice backup utilities.

    If you want to check for viruses/malware, run through the malware guide in my signature.
  5. WHen you install windows it will give you an option to reformat, you can just do it there and they will be gone.
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  7. Thank you for everyone's suggestions and links. I have some homework to do on which i can't wait :bounce: (not sarcasm). First i have to get my hands on a full version of windows 7 lol.
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